16 U Club Rankings


June 30 2020

Team Rankings are compiled by a formula that is made up of 1/3 College Coach Ballots, 1/3 of player rankings, and 1/3 Club Coach Ballots.

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Firecrackers: Earning Wins On and Off the Field


Kyle Parmley – Fastpitch Network

Firecrackers Banner

Tony Rico enjoys winning as much as the next person, but it’s simply not his only focus when he wakes up each morning.

As the President of the Firecracker Softball organization, Rico dedicates his days to the fostering of a strong culture, the development of athletes as players and people and making people happy.

And yes, the Firecrackers have done some winning along the way as well, including the 2016 PGF 18U Premier National Championship.

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