Fruits of Labor Pay Off for Mike Stith

Mike Stith and Company

Kyle Parmley- Fastpitch Network

Mike Stith has led softball teams to seven National Championships as a Head Coach, in addition to eight more as an Assistant Coach.

He formed the Tuff E Nuff program in 1996 while his daughter was rising through the ranks and won three titles. He joined the Orange County Batbusters organizaton in 2003 and has won several more Championships, both as a Head Coach and as an Assistant Coach.

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Torina Building Upon a Successful Culture at LSU

LSU Brings in another Home Run

Kyle Parmley – Fastpitch Network

The message is consistent and it is simple. But Beth Torina delivers it to her LSU softball team prior to each game.

“No matter what happens, I want people to walk out saying that LSU played hard,” the Tigers Head Coach said.

Playing with a constant effort, combined with talent and other intangibles, has helped LSU pile up win after win over Torina’s nine years as the program’s Head Coach.

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Relating Experiences Across Gender Lines

Men winding up in the circle

Kyle Parmley – Fastpitch Network

When Texas Head Coach Mike White sees one of his pitchers struggling with her command, he can relate.

He’s been there.

When Florida State assistant coach Travis Wilson sees one of his hitters swing at a riseball coming in at eye level, he knows the feeling.

That’s because he has done the exact same thing.

White and Wilson are two of several men across the country who played the game of fastpitch softball and are now coaching the women’s college game. Both men are similar in the fact they are New Zealand natives who began playing the game in their home country.

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Lincoln Martin Transitions from Baseball to Softball

Lincoln Martin

Kyle Parmley – Fastpitch Network

Lincoln Martin had always worked with a few softball players, but his client list was primarily baseball players.

That is, until his friend Patrick Lewis, of the Georgia Impact organizaton, asked Martin to help his daughter out with her swing.

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Kita’s Stock Rising as 2022 Prospect

Brinkley Kita

Kyle Parmley – Fastpitch Network

When Brinkley Kita warms up in the pitcher’s circle, her dad Brian enjoys scanning the faces of the people around.

Kita’s fastball, which consistently sits in the mid-60s mile per hour range, quickly gets the attention of on-deck batters and parents in the stands.

“Her velocity is kind of surprising,” Brian said.

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Gajewski Takes Winding Path to Success

Kenny Gajewski Coaches Fielding Practice

Kyle Parmley – Fastpitch Network

To say Kenny Gajewski took a traditional route to becoming a head coach of one of the top college softball programs in the country could not be further from the truth.

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Attention to Details Allows FSU to Win Big

Florida State Seminoles

Kyle Parmley – Fastpitch Network

Just like everyone else, Florida State head coach Lonni Alameda has big goals for herself and for her team.

But she understands that winning a national championship — like the Seminoles did in 2018 — doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with a foundation of having success every single day.

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PGF Thrives Keeping Parents, Players; Coaches at Forefront

Dan Hay PGF President & CEO

Kyle Parmley – Fastpitch Network

Between the two of them, Gary Haning and Dan Hay possessed the requisite experience and influence. They also saw an opening to do something big in the club softball world.

“An opportunity arose and we decided to launch our own national championship,” Hay said.

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