Fastpitch Network’s 2021 Preseason NCAA Top 25

2021 NCAA Top 25 Pre Season Rankings

by Fastpitch Network Staff

1) UCLA 

2) Oklahoma 

3) Washington 

4) LSU 

5) Arizona 

6) Alabama 

7) Texas 

8) Florida 

9) Oklahoma State 

10) Oregon 

11) Florida State 

12) Louisiana 

13) Arizona State 

14) Kentucky 

15) Virginia Tech 

16) Georgia 

17) Michigan 

18) Arkansas 

19) Minnesota 

20) South Carolina 

21) Baylor 

22) Mississippi State 

23) UCF 

24) Missouri 

25) Fresno State 

2020 Class Rankings

Oklahoma Sooners

Classes are ranked using a formula that gives points for the ranking of each player signed. Teams are also given additional points for signing highly ranked players at impact positions. Example: Signing the #1 Pitcher in the country would be worth more to a team than signing the #1 second baseman in the country.


  • LSU signed a big class in 2020 and the class is loaded with impact players top to
  • Wisconsin isn’t a program that has traditionally placed in the top of the recruiting
    rankings but their 2020 class almost made it into the Top 10. It is a great class that has
    the potential to vault the Badgers into the Top 25 over the next few years.
  • UCLA signed a small class in 2020 and that kept them from being ranked as high as
    normal. However, the players they did sign are potential game-changers.
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