Kasidi Pickering 2023 Blasts her Way to the Top

by Ryan Greenwood – Fastpitch Network

It is not a coincidence that Kasidi Pickering is one of the hottest recruits in the class of 2023 and her summer team, Hotshots Premier – Nelson, is one of the best teams comprised of 2022 and 2023 prospects.  They both are very talented.

Pickering is ranked by the Fastpitch Network as the top utility player in her class and No. 4 overall among Class of 2023 prospects.

“All the intangibles. A true utility kid who can pitch, play all the infield positions at a high level, and one of the best 2023 hitters in the country,” said Nathan Nelson, who has coached her since 10U.

Kasadi Pickering 2023 Hotshots Premier Nelson
Kasadi Pickering 2023 Hotshots Premier Nelson
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