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As a softball player, you are programmed to persevere. If you are going through a slump, you keep swinging. If you are having trouble hitting your spots, you keep pitching. This same mindset is what will get you through the recruiting process as you experience the effects of COVID-19. The players who dream of playing at the next level have to continue to work during this time, even if you were told your spring season is over and your summer season will be played without Division I coaches in attendance.

Recruits and Parents – So many “what if’s” and questions that can’t be answered just yet… but let’s see where we are in a few weeks. Whether you are a senior, freshman, or anywhere in between:

  • Control what you can control: recruiting must go on. You can still communicate with coaches, even if you aren’t able to visit, meet, or watch the team.

  • Stay positive: be the calm and the peace in this crazy world. Understand that decisions are being made to protect the greatest number.

  • Continue to HUSTLE and have video proof: workout, hit in the cage, throw in the gym, get outside, and get your reps, grab a friend, and get better!

  • Take time for other important factors: your health, your family, your grades, and test scores. 

  • Get help! When you’re looking for the truth about recruiting you need people who have the expertise to give it to you. NSR Scouts are former D1 players and coaches, former WCWS players, former Coach of the Year recipients, and all are here to help you. To get evaluated and to get your answers about recruiting, click here
8 Bad Habits That Can Turn Off College Coaches

8 Bad Habits That Can Turn Off College Coaches

As a former Power 5 head softball coach and now working as the Executive Director of Scouting for National Scouting Report the last few months, I often get asked by athletes, parents and high school coaches about college recruiting.

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7 Things I Wish I Knew About The Recruiting Process

Not very long ago I was a collegiate athlete. And just a few years before that, I was a high school athlete weaving my way through the recruiting process. It was very challenging. There were many times I was unsure if I’d ever find a place to play. But like all athletes, I figured if I worked hard and kept grinding, something would work out for me.

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4 Reasons You Aren't Being Heavily Recruited

4 Reasons You Aren’t Being Heavily Recruited

The college recruiting game is stacked against you. You are a first-team all-conference, Honor Roll, two-sport athlete, and everyone is telling you that you will get a scholarship. The only problem is that you haven’t heard from any college coaches and offers are already being made to athletes in your graduating class. This means you aren’t being recruited.

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