Addie Mettler Preps for Competition She Hasn’t Seen Yet

Addie Mettler 2023 Firecrackers Rico-Weil

by Ryan Greenwood – Fastpitch Network

From the time she was young, Addison (Addie) Mettler has been around softball fields. All that time spent around the game helped her acquire a lot of working softball knowledge. That awareness combined with her motivational drive has made her into one of the top 2023 prospects.

“She thinks the game through incredibly well and she learns quickly from her mistakes,” said her dad and former head coach, Greg Mettler.

“The thought that someone out there in the world is working just as hard as me to get that same spot at a great college really motivates me to get better, because it instills competition in me,” stated Addie Mettler. “I know that is my spot and no one is going to take that from me, because I’m going to work ten times harder on the field and in the classroom to get it.”

Addie Mettler 2023 Firecrackers Rico-Weil
Addie Mettler 2023 Firecrackers Rico-Weil-batting
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