Kate Vance Leads By Example

by Rachel Pfeiffer – Fastpitch Network

When asked to describe middle infielder Kate Vance, AZ Storm Coach Corey Mathis used words and phrases like “hardworking” and “great teammate”. However, he also came back time and again to the threat she poses on the field.

“She’ll hit plenty of home runs during the year and come up big in situations. You want the bat in her hand when the game is on the line,” Mathis said. “She’s an absolute threat.”

Vance considers her power and on base percentage to be a couple of strengths offensively. Last season, she posted a .438 on base percentage and .661 slugging percentage. However, when she steps to the plate in big situations, stats aren’t on her mind.

Kate Vance Arizona Storm
Kate Vance Arizona Storm
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