Morgan Reimer Meets Challenges with Skill, Effort, and Intelligence

Morgan Reimer Impact Sampson 2024

by Ross Jacobs – Fastpitch Network

Morgan Reimer loves to play softball, and she’s not going to let a little distance keep her from pursuing her dreams.

A proud resident of Langley, Canada Reimer joined forces with Bret Sampson’s Georgia Impact Team last year and immediately made her presence felt. “The girls loved Morgan and the team bonded pretty immediately with her,” explained Sampson. “Team chemistry is super important because it can’t be coached. We set the expectations and they buy in. Anytime I recruit someone I make them come out to a practice, and for Morgan it was crazy because she flies in from Canada and doesn’t know anyone. There was a lot going on, but my girls were great about incorporating her.”

Morgan Reimer Georgia Impact Pitcher RH
Morgan Reimer Georgia Impact Pitcher RH
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