Warren Wolff’s Ohio Outlaws a Dream Center for College Ball

Ohio Outlaws Team Cameo

by Ryan Greenwood – Fastpitch Network

When Warren Wolfe started the Ohio Outlaws organization with just one team back in 2009, his plans were much bigger than just staying local. He had a vision to grow an organization to help the players in the area get more exposure during the recruiting process and to compete on a national level.

“I started the Ohio Outlaws because there was no one in the states of Ohio, West Virginia or Western Pennsylvania taking the girls to play the best competition and getting them the college exposure they deserved,” stated Wolff.

Although they started out playing locally as the program was getting its foundation established, they started to hit their stride as they expanded their playing area to compete on a regional level. From there, they got the attention of coaches and players from these tournaments. They started to see an interest in others wanting to be part of what they were doing.

Ohio Outlaws Home Run Trophy
Ohio Outlaws Player Displays Home Run Ball Trophy
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