TN Mojo 2024 Hughes Play as One

Tennessee Mojo Hughes Batter 21

by Rachel Pfeiffer – Fastpitch Network

TN Mojo 2024 Hughes has featured a core group of players since they were in 10U, and Coach Michele Hughes believes that this talented core staying together has been key for the team’s success.

“Because the core group of these girls has been together for so long, they know each other really well, and they really play as one cohesive unit,” she said.

TN Mojo Hughes boasted a 45-11 record last year, including a third-place finish at Triple Crown Southwest Nationals and a top 20 finish at the Colorado Sparklers Power Pool. The team hopes to build on their success this year. As the players have gotten older, Hughes has been encouraged by how they’ve matured and taken responsibility.

Tennessee Mojo Hughes Team Photo
Tennessee Mojo Hughes Team Photo
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