Denio’s Explosion Expands its Radius, Clears Setbacks

Explosion Softball

by Ryan Greenwood – Fastpitch Network

If you are not from the west coast, your first introduction to Bret Denio may have come through his role as the National Director for the Premier Girls Fastpitch organization.

When you finally get to southern California to play softball, you will quickly learn that he is also the head of the Explosion Softball organization that has some talented teams on the west coast in California, Arizona, and Utah.

“It always starts with the coaching. Look for coaches that are in this game for the right reasons,” says Denio. “I always do research and make sure these coaches are in it for the right reasons and are not there for financial gain.”

Explosion Softball - The Wind UP!
Explosion Softball – The Wind UP!
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Dan Hay Introduces PG Softball

Dan Hay PGF President & CEO

by Maren Angus – Fastpitch Network

Premier Girls Fastpitch and Perfect Game announced a new equal partnership on Monday. The partnership creates a new entity, PG Softball, that will “provide individualization and exposure to athletes.”

Dan Hay, President and CEO of PGF, spoke with Fastpitch Network via phone on Monday afternoon.

Dan Hay PGF President CEO
Dan Hay Describes PG Softball
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PGF Thrives Keeping Parents, Players; Coaches at Forefront

Dan Hay PGF President & CEO

Kyle Parmley – Fastpitch Network

Between the two of them, Gary Haning and Dan Hay possessed the requisite experience and influence. They also saw an opening to do something big in the club softball world.

“An opportunity arose and we decided to launch our own national championship,” Hay said.

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