Explosion-Hilliard: A Local Team Who Found National Success

Explosion Hilliard 2023 Team Picture

by Rachel Pfeiffer – Fastpitch Network

The 16U Explosion (Hilliard) is the rare local, homegrown team that finds national success. The team started in a rec league, then moved to travel ball. Eventually, they joined the Explosion organization and haven’t looked back. Coach Chuck Hilliard explains how the team has been able to win games at the national level.

“We really hang our hat on our pitching. We’ve got a dominant number one pitcher who happens to be my daughter, Lauren. She’s going to be in the circle for us in any high-level game,” Hilliard says. “Offensively we just have a bunch of big bats. Our one through seven can consistently put it out of the park.”

Hilliard believes another important component of the team’s success has been remaining true to their original vision for what kind of team he wanted to build.

Chargy 2023 Explosion - Hilliard
Chargy 2023 Explosion – Hilliard
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