Explosion Sanchez-Berouty 2023 Strikes Balance of Intensity and Free-Play

Explosion Sanchez Berouty

by Tracy Yoder – Fastpitch Network

Getting back onto the ball diamond and competing is what Explosion Sanchez-Berouty 2023 is looking forward to most this season. First stop Zoom into June, followed by Boulder IDT, the Champions Cup, and PGF Premier.

Explosion Sanchez-Berouty is based in Cerritos, California and features a core group of ladies that have competed together since they were under ten years old. Rey Sanchez is head coach of the Explosion and has coached this group of athletes since 2015.

Sanchez looks forward to getting back on the softball diamond and playing in normal conditions after losing a competitive season to the pandemic. “These girls have paid enough of a price, they deserve it,” he states.

Explosion Sanchez Berouty Black Uniforms
Explosion Sanchez Berouty Black Uniforms
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Explosion-Hilliard: A Local Team Who Found National Success

Explosion Hilliard 2023 Team Picture

by Rachel Pfeiffer – Fastpitch Network

The 16U Explosion (Hilliard) is the rare local, homegrown team that finds national success. The team started in a rec league, then moved to travel ball. Eventually, they joined the Explosion organization and haven’t looked back. Coach Chuck Hilliard explains how the team has been able to win games at the national level.

“We really hang our hat on our pitching. We’ve got a dominant number one pitcher who happens to be my daughter, Lauren. She’s going to be in the circle for us in any high-level game,” Hilliard says. “Offensively we just have a bunch of big bats. Our one through seven can consistently put it out of the park.”

Hilliard believes another important component of the team’s success has been remaining true to their original vision for what kind of team he wanted to build.

Chargy 2023 Explosion - Hilliard
Chargy 2023 Explosion – Hilliard
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Denio’s Explosion Expands its Radius, Clears Setbacks

Explosion Softball

by Ryan Greenwood – Fastpitch Network

If you are not from the west coast, your first introduction to Bret Denio may have come through his role as the National Director for the Premier Girls Fastpitch organization.

When you finally get to southern California to play softball, you will quickly learn that he is also the head of the Explosion Softball organization that has some talented teams on the west coast in California, Arizona, and Utah.

“It always starts with the coaching. Look for coaches that are in this game for the right reasons,” says Denio. “I always do research and make sure these coaches are in it for the right reasons and are not there for financial gain.”

Explosion Softball - The Wind UP!
Explosion Softball – The Wind UP!
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