Mojo-Danley Still Growing After Quick Success

Mojo Danley 2023

by Kyle Parmley – Fastpitch Network

Michael Danley calls it a whirlwind.

The success came quicker than he ever expected for his Tennessee Mojo 2023 team. After competing for the first time as a team in the fall of 2015, Mojo-Danley rose up and won the 10u PGF national championship in the summer of 2016.

But instead of being a flash in the pan, the team continued to grow, continued to compete and develop. Mojo-Danley won the 12u PGF title in 2018 and is currently one of the most notable and potent first-year 16u teams in the country.

Mojo 2023 Coach Michael Danley Rallying the Troops
Mojo 2023 Coach Michael Danley Rallying the Troops
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Attention to Details Allows FSU to Win Big

Florida State Seminoles

Kyle Parmley – Fastpitch Network

Just like everyone else, Florida State head coach Lonni Alameda has big goals for herself and for her team.

But she understands that winning a national championship — like the Seminoles did in 2018 — doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with a foundation of having success every single day.

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