Malayna Tamborra Wins With Her Arm And Her Bat

Malayna Tamborra Atlanta Vipers 2023 Pitcher Hitter

by Rachel Pfeiffer – Fastpitch Network

Most elite athletes get into sports at an early age, and Malayna Tamborra is no exception. The Atlanta Vipers 05 pitcher and first baseman grew up with softball, even more so than most.

Malayna plays for her mom, Stacy Tamborra. Tamborra played college ball at Florida State, and after giving some lessons and working with a local team, she decided to dive into coaching. She bought the building for her business, Champions Fastpitch Academy, just months before Malayna was born.

While Tamborra encouraged her kids to play other sports, Malayna grew up watching the players her mom coached become great. Soon, she decided she wanted to be a great softball player, too. But greatness doesn’t come without dedication and hard work. Especially early on, Malayna learned to use what she had to be successful.

Malayna Tamborra Atlanta Vipers 2023 Profile
Malayna Tamborra Atlanta Vipers 2023 Profile
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