Winning Is Not Magic For Sorcerer-Ricks

Sorcerer Ricks Team Photo

by Rachel Pfeiffer – Fastpitch Network

Coach LeAndre Ricks’ talented Sorcerers team finds themselves poised for success, both because of individual abilities and because of how they come together after years of playing alongside each other.

“I’ve had a core for so long that they know what the other is going to do. That chemistry of them knowing each other, that’s what makes it so fun to watch,” Ricks says. “What makes them great is their energy. They’re willing to grind and put in the work individually off the field. When we’re not practicing, they’re always hitting or fielding. They put in that work.”

Though most of these girls have played together for years, they didn’t always compete in a Sorcerer uniform. Ricks explains that eventually landing with this organization was a process.

Sorcerer Softball Logo
Sorcerer Softball Logo
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