Mojo Lunsford 2023 Plays to Get Better; Plays to Win

Mojo Lunsford 2023 Team Photo from Facebook Page

by Ross Jacobs – Fastpitch Network

Head Coach Mike Lunsford and Assistant Coach Jason Wade know a thing or two about building winning teams. They won a national championship in Roanoke in 2020 and another in 2018. In 2019, they finished 3rd in PGF platinum. This year they brought their 16U squad to the MOJO organization due to their winning ways and player first approach.

“They have a great group of teams over there,” said Lunsford. “With seven national championships, plus the two we bring with us, this organization has nine championships over the last five years. It’s about the girls – not the organization. It’s hard to grow a team culture, but here in MOJO it’s a winning a culture that is all about the girls. That was well established before we got here and we want to continue to grow that culture and get better as a team.”

Mojo Lunsford 2023 The Play Is Called In
Mojo Lunsford 2023 The Play Is Called In
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