TNT Softball: Old Fashioned Core Values and Commitment to Fundamentals

TNT Softball Florida

by Tracy Yoder – Fastpitch Network

Twenty years ago, softball teams in the northeast struggled to keep up with the competition in the softball mecca of the southern United States. Teams in the colder-weather climates were limited with training facilities and shorter softball seasons which hindered their ability to compete at a world class level.

In 1999, when Roy Godard launched TNT (Tuff ā€˜nā€™ Tuffer) Softball in Pennsylvania, he saw an opportunity to grow the level of competition in the northeast and change the training landscape for the sport. Godard challenged his teams to commit to a travel schedule that would take them to the top-level competition in the nation and worked to create new opportunities in the northeast such as indoor training facilities and local tournaments. Godard launched tournaments on the east coast, to showcase the athlete skills and increase the level of competition in the area.

TNT Tuff n Tuffer
TNT Tuff n Tuffer
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